Frequently Asked Questions


What is an MRC?

Who can contact us?

Can MRC secure a job for me abroad?

Can MRC get me a visa?

Do you charge for your service?

Can MRC help me in filling a complaint?

Does MRC conduct orientation sessions for students?

How can the MRC help me to migrate abroad?

About MRC

Contact Address of MRC?

How can people access to MRC?

What can MRC do for migrants?

What are the functions of MRC?

What is MRC?

General Concept of Migration in Bangladesh

How do I distinguish migration-related terminologies such as migration, labour migrants, irregular migrants, diaspora groups, etc.? Are there different categories and profiles of migrants that I should be familiar with?

What are the pathways to safe, regular and orderly migration?

What are the main Causes of Migration from Bangladesh?

What are the different cycles or phases of migration that I will go through?

Are there push and pull factors that affect me and will have impact on me as a prospective migrant?

Migration Trends analysis

What are the data and statistics related to migration flows, patterns and trends (international and regional) that are useful to me as a prospective migrant?

What are the laws available for Bangladesh relating to migration?

What are the relevant Government agencies for migration in Bangladesh and their functions?


What is the need of Pre-decision orientation in Migration?

Why Pre-decision is essential in female migration?

What are the requirements if I want to work overseas?

What is a passport? Do I need one? Where can I get it?

What is visa? Do I need one? Where can I get it?

What is a work permit? Do I need one? Where can I get it?

How much is the costs related to these documents and requirements? Who are responsible in paying these costs?

How much should I prepare financially in order to ensure legal processing of documents? Are there opportunities for me to reduce the costs or mitigate my expenses?

I do not have enough funds to pay for all the costs. How can I avail of loans? What are the consequences?

What is a recruitment, placement or manning agency?

How do I check on legitimate recruitment agencies or employment opportunities? How do I approach them?

Who is the Middleman/ Dalal/free recruiter/ illegal recruiter?

What are the different forms of illegal recruitment or schemes and modus operandi used by illegal recruiters?

How can I avoid illegal recruitment?

How can I avoid unauthorized agents or middlemen?

What is free visa? What are the consequences of free visa?

What is visa trading? Why would sponsors trade visas?

What are the dos and don’ts in applying for work overseas?

If I am going to migrate for work, what type of work are suitable for me, given my academic background or skills?

In which countries shall I look for work? What is GCC?

I heard a lot about Kafala. What is the Kafala system used in most Middle East or GCC? How will I be affected by it?

How much can I earn if I work abroad? Is it commensurate to the costs of living? Will I earn the same if I stay in my country?

If I choose to stay in Bangladesh, what options are available for me?

How long is the recruitment process?


How will I attend pre-departure orientation seminars (PDOS), if required?

Why am I attending the pre-departure training/session/orientation? Why do I need to know pre-departure related information?

What will I learn from this training/session/orientation/information?

What can I contribute to this training?

What is expected of me in this training?

As prospective migrant, why do I need to understand the relationship between migration and human rights, migration and gender, migration and decent work, etc.?

What is the formal process of migration? What documents requires for formal processing?

If I am working in Dubai and want to switch employer, is it necessary to exit from the country?

Why does the Kafeel keep the original passport of migrant?

What are the steps I can take when Kafeel is not ready to handover my passport?

What travel and settlement documents do I need to bring abroad?

What is Employment Contract?

Checklist of the Employment Contract for the Employee

Do I have the complete name, address and contact information of my employers?

Do and Don’ts before Journey

Do I have duplicate or back-up copies of these documents? Who has copies of these?

Have I paid my welfare fund, insurance fee and other fees?

Do I have a valid airline, train or bus tickets for my travel? How do I get to the destination country?

What are the baggage allowance and restrictions?

Do and Don'ts while travelling

What items are permitted or prohibited in my luggage?

Am I familiar with the travel from the airport abroad to my place of residence or work?

Things need to know about Country of Destination

What is the current weather condition in my destination country?

How can I check the roaming facility of my mobile phone, validity of my driver’s license, etc.?

Do I have a working bank account for my salary and remittances?

Can I still send money back to my family even if I do not have a bank account?

Do I need to leave behind an authorization or special power of attorney in case it is need by my family?

What are labour rights abuses? How do they relate to migrant worker?

What is exploitation? How do I know if I am being exploited?

How can I protect myself from abuses, exploitation, bondage, etc.?

What will I do if I suffer from these abuses or exploitation?

Even though it is exploitative, does it make a difference if I initially agreed to the working situation?

If my friend, co-worker, colleague or family members have encountered these problems, what can they do? What can I do?

What if I do not like the work, what can I do?

What if my work is not in line with what is included in the contract, what can I do?

What is a trade or employees union? How can they help me? What about civil society or migrant organizations?

Female Migration

How do I fit it into a work environment in a household with different culture, norms, practices, etc.?

How do I deal with children of my employers? Or with elderly or physically challenged employers?

How can I avoid physical, sexual, mental, financial or verbal abuse?

How do I manage stress, schedule, conflicts, etc.?

How can I cope with mental and psychological issues such as homesickness, boredom, discrimination or xenophobia, depression?

How do I check the location of grocery stores, shops, hospitals, clinics, banks, remittance centers, etc. and the transportation to and from places of residence and work?

How do I manage my finances? How do I save? How can I properly use my income? How can I establish or maintain a good credit history?

Are there free languages courses that I can avail of? How about other courses or training that I can enroll to upgrade my skills?

What are cultural events that I can participate in? Can I engage in civic work or organization?

Post arrival

What are the initial things that I must do upon arrival? How do I register with or contact my Embassy or Consulate?

What is the mandate, role and responsibilities of the Embassy or consulate as well as the labour or community welfare attaché?

What are the applicable labour laws and rules in my destination country that I should be familiar with?

What are the company regulations, HR procedures and guidelines of my employer that I should understand fully?

What are my rights and privileges as migrant worker?

Are there taxes, insurance and other fees that I must pay while working abroad?

How can I take care of myself and my family while working abroad? Why is it important?

Are there some projects and services for labour migrants from the government or CSOs that I can avail of or participate in?

Are there migrant organizations in the destination country that I can engage with?

Are there support networks that I can contact in case of need or emergency?

What do I need to know and do in times of crisis or emergencies?

How can I support my family? How can I send money back home? What is the information I need to know regarding remittances?

How can I support some development efforts in my country?

What programs and services of the government can I avail while I am working abroad?

What about services that my family can avail from the government?

How can I use my insurance and other related benefits?

Return and Reintegration

How can I have earlier preparation for my return and reintegration?

What are the options for me as a returnee?

What opportunities are available in Bangladesh for return and reintegration?

What are the requirements and procedures in filing disability claims? What about death claims?