Why am I attending the pre-departure training/session/orientation? Why do I need to know pre-departure related information?

You are attending the pre-departure training because it will:

  • Provide you with adequate information on the living and working conditions of overseas employment, your rights, duties and responsibilities, job nature, environment, journey process and various coping mechanisms while abroad
  • Assist you in making informed decisions about migration
  • Guide you towards safe, regular, orderly and responsible migration
  • Advice you on the threats, dangers and consequences of irregular migration, illegal recruitment, trafficking of human beings, smuggling of people, and related issues and challenges

In many labour-sending countries, attendance to pre-departure trainings are required to educate prospective migrants on many topics about migration, process of migration, especially on how to settle properly in destination countries.

After attendance to the training, you will be given a certificate to indicate that you have complied with the requirement. You will be allowed to exit the immigration upon showing the certificate and upon compliance with the other requirements.