How do I manage stress, schedule, conflicts, etc.?

The following are some tips and advice:

  • Engage in some hobbies like exercise, yoga, gardening, learning new language, visiting historical or interesting sites, etc.
  • Maintain good physical and mental health
  • Focus when it is work time so that your rest time is also maximized for doing other things
  • Prepare your calendar of activities in advance; ensure that you stick to your schedule
  • Become a member of existing migrant groups or organizations
  • Participate in Embassy or Consular events
  • Communicate regularly with friends and family
  • Find new friends outside your work; meet other nationalities; do not limit your friends to your own nationality
  • Write your thoughts, views, etc.; make your diary
  • Know more about the culture, practices, laws, etc. of other nationalities working with you or you encounter regularly, especially of your employer