What will I learn from this training/session/orientation/information?

There are many items that you will learn from this training such as the following:

  • Various stages of migration cycle and how you can prepare for the challenges and opportunities alongside each stage
  • Things you need to understand, prepare and have prior to departure such as baggage allowances, special power of attorney, bank accounts, and payment of welfare or insurance fund, Remittance management etc.
  • Different provisions of your Job contract, terms and conditions, working hour, leave facility, working hour, overtime and your corresponding duties, rights, privileges and accountabilities
  • Culture of your host country, including basic languages, dress restrictions, norms and etiquettes, customs, traditions and rules, regulations, laws etc.
  • Support network and service providers in host countries such as insurance, health services and training centers

Should there be other information that you wish to know that are not included in the general module, we welcome your questions, clarifications, insights and recommendations during the training.

The sessions are very interactive and engaging and active participation with appropriate information and advices, which you can personally use or apply and at the same time, share with family members, community, friends and colleagues.