How can I have earlier preparation for my return and reintegration?

Migrants are always advised to have an early preparation for their return and reintegration to their origin country. General, migrant workers are not allowed to stay forever in their host country for various reasons, foremost of which is that their stay abroad is dependent on work contracts, which on the average could be one or two years. This can be renewed subject to your performance, availability of jobs, and political and economic conditions in your host country. Eventually, you will return to your hometown. It would be good that when you return, you will be in a better living condition compared to when you left. This means that, ideally, you were able to save from your income abroad, you were able to support your family, and you will have options for other source of income or employment.

Some tips and advice to prepare for a sensible and proper return and reintegration:

  • Implement your financial plan;
  • Pay on time and regularly the fees that support your social protection such as insurance, savings, provident fund, retirement fund, etc.
  • Save for emergencies, save for the future
  • When possible, have other source of income while working abroad, either through your family or you yourself such as investing some of your income in bonds or treasury bills
  • Continue to upgrade your skills and competencies

Of course, other stakeholders such as the government and the private sector are also with responsibilities in order to help migrants return and reintegrate properly.