What are the requirements and procedures in filing disability claims? What about death claims?

Depending on the national laws, the following are the general requirements:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of foreign service agreement or employment contract
  • Copies of overseas employment certificate
  • Copy of iqama (Residential permit)
  • Copy of insurance card
  • Copies of death / disability certificate / embalming certificate
  • Police report / post-mortem or autopsy report
  • No objection certificates
  • Details of bank accounts
  • Court order, if any
  • Names of legal heirs
  • Supporting documents of unpaid dues

Additional country specific information is in the websites: http://www.wewb.gov.bd/ (Bangladesh)

The following figure illustrates some of the issues of returning migrants and what are examples of needed intervention. The other illustration is on the more comprehensive return and reintegration framework that a country should have to be able to support returning migrants.

In general, the following are some options for returning migrants. Options A-F will be applicable to those whose return is voluntary such as items A-C above. Options F-I will be more applicable to returnees because of reasons D-H above.

  1. Engage in business, investment, livelihood and entrepreneurial activities
  2. Volunteer in civic or community work, charitable or humanitarian causes
  3. Volunteer as speaker or resource person in community outreach, pre-migration and pre-departure orientation seminars or trainings
  4. Volunteer or have part-time jobs in teaching in vocational or training institutions
  5. Form or participate in associations of returning migrants or families’ organisations
  6. Certification or recognition of prior learning, skills upgrading
  7. Look for other jobs or employment or source of funds/income
  8. File money claims, complaints or damages for violation of contracts
  9. Seek counseling, legal, psycho-social and financial assistance from support networks

Source: My JMDI Toolbox