How can I avoid physical, sexual, mental, financial or verbal abuse?

The following are some tips and advice:

  • Appropriate knowledge about working environment while make decision to migrate.
  •  Make physical and mental preparation to accept their food habit which is different from Bangladesh.
  • Weather in middle east is totally different from need to bring appropriate cloths considering their environment.
  • Middle east country strongly follows Islamic need to prepare to maintain Islamic dress and rules.
  • Need to learn their language for maintaining appropriate communication.
  • Need to deposit salary by own account.
  • Need to inform the employer and recruiting agency details to the family member for emergency.
  • Need to keep personal document safely by own self specially passport, money etc.
  • Need to keep contact details of nearest hospital, police station, Embassy contact details etc.
  • Need to collect some emergency contact number of community people.
  • Need to learn the laws of country of destination.
  • After completion of term of visa need to ensure immediate return to the country of origin.
  • Always maintain valid channel to send money like bank transaction