What are labour rights abuses? How do they relate to migrant worker?

Labour rights abuses include any form of unfair or unjust treatment at work. The following are examples of labour rights abuses:

  • Contract substitution
  • Long working hours
  • Delayed payments of salaries and other remuneration, as well as non-payment
  • Unauthorized deduction from salaries
  • Dangerous working conditions without proper occupational safety measures
  • Physical, financial, mental abuse, sexual harassment

Several studies show that migrant workers are more vulnerable in other countries compared to national workers and the irregular migrants, especially the trafficking victims, are the most vulnerable.

As migrant worker, you should be mindful and cautious about these abuses and exploitations so that it will not affect you or any of your colleague or co-worker. If there are early signs of these abuses and exploitation, discuss immediately with your supervisor, employer or recruiter. If it is not addressed immediately, report to your Embassy or Labour Attaché or CSOs who might be of help.