How can I use my insurance and other related benefits?

To properly use and maximise the benefits of your insurance:

  • Know and understand very well its provisions, contents, benefits and coverage
  • Pay the fees regularly and timely (if the insurance is paid by the employer, check regularly if it is timely paid; if not, report to the employer or recruiter)
  • Secure copies of the forms that will be used if you avail of the benefits
  • Know the contact information of the nearest office where you can submit your claims
  • Keep duplicate copies of any medical results, doctors’ prescriptions, receipts or invoice, etc.

A Bangladeshi Migrant can avail following benefits from Wage earners welfare board:

  • Carrying & Burial Cost to migrants
  • Death Compensation
  • Burial of Dead Body
  • Financial Grant to deceased migrant’s family member
  • Financial assistance to injured / sick workers
  • Ambulance help for disabled and sick migrant workers
  • Scholarship to the children of migrants
  • protect migrant workers and eliminate various difficulties in providing assistance to the local administration.
  • Removal detained activists abroad
  • Bringing women workers back to the country
  • Safe Home