Who is the Middleman/ Dalal/free recruiter/ illegal recruiter?

The word Dalal means “broker” or “agent” who facilitates migration, arranging flights, jobs and contracts. These middlemen are not registered recruiters and not recognized by law or any other authority. They are not binding under any legal framework

Remember that only the government can provide registration, accreditation or license to recruitment agencies. The status and role of your recruitment agency is critical in ensuring your protection and compliance with your work contract. Once you apply to an illegal recruiter, there are negative consequences and dangers corresponding to it. It is possible that the job they offer does not exist at all, or that the work is too difficult, dirty and dangerous.

The most common indicators or signs of an illegal recruitment are the following:

  • Does not have job order (which is the equivalent of “foreign demand” in Bangladesh)
  • Immediately ask for fee or payments
  • Does not issue any receipt or invoice; if it issues, it is generic and does not contain details such as address, tax identification number, license number, etc.
  • Promises to fast track the process for employment application using tourist, or visit visa
  • Advices you not to go through authorized government agency and deal with them exclusively
  • Requires you to have medical examinations even without contract or job assurance
  • Recruits in malls, parks, restaurants, houses and in other places which are not its official or registered address
  • Poses as connected to a high-ranking official or persons with authority
  • Does not disclose or explain in details; they are evasive or secretive in their answers or information
  • Does not also ask more questions from the prospective migrant, does not check their background or their skills/knowledge/competencies; they just accept all types of applicants so long as they pay; this is often called “pooling”
  • Offers jobs online and requests for bank transfers without personal meeting
  • Another modus operandi