Do and Don'ts while travelling

In Airport (Country of Origin):

  • Need to keep air ticket and original passport in hand
  • Need to find out the time of take-off of the plane
  • Clear understanding about transit during journey
  • Need clear understanding about exchange plane if applicable
  • Need clear understanding about security check, check in and immigration control

Inside Airplane:

  • Need to sit according to sit number described in air ticket
  • If any hand luggage available that need to place the luggage cabin. if any confusion arise cabin crew can help
  • Need to tie the seatbelt when instructed
  • Food will be served by no money needs to pay for food
  • Avoid smoking inside airplane
  • Avoid using of any electrical device inside plane
  • Need to maintain rules while using washroom

In Country of Destination Airport:

  • Need to fill up disembarkation card and submit.
  • Need to sealed the passport from officer as a part of arrival.
  • Need to collect luggage from conveyer belt.
  • If luggage lost then immediately need to collect claim Form and submit this with
    required information. If luggage lost then compensation will be paid by airlines according to described in ticket.
  • Need to submit custom declaration form.