What are the company regulations, HR procedures and guidelines of my employer that I should understand fully?

The usual order of business in companies or employment for newly arrived workers is to have a thorough induction and orientation. Some of the topics discussed are the profile of the company/employer, its work and operations, different units/divisions/offices, financial and HR procedures and guidelines, etc. Make sure that you attend this and understand the presentation carefully.

If there is no formal induction or orientation, meet with the finance and HR divisions to know more about the guidelines. Sometimes, companies have their own handbook for this purpose. Have specific sessions with your employer, boss or supervisor to discuss your duties and responsibilities and what are their expectations of you. Do not hesitate to inquire and meet with relevant people in your company if this would help you perform your job properly and responsively.

As general rule and practice, every company or employer expects his/her employees of the following:

  • Report to office or work regularly and on time
  • Perform your tasks diligently and properly
  • Use office premises and resources properly
  • If there are problems, consult with your supervisor immediately, or talk to HR, a colleague or your family, or to the Embassy or Attaché
  • Learn new skills or things that will help you perform better at work
  • Respect your employers, supervisors, colleagues, officemates regardless of their status or background
  • Be mindful of their needs and situation
  • Respect country’s culture and the company’s ethics and practices
  • Do no harm to any person or property
  • Never involve in any illegal activity such as gambling, drinking, dealing prohibited drugs, etc.
  • Be cautious of the expiry dates of your documents such as the visa and work permits; if nearing their expiration, be sure to renew them immediately to avoid problems