What is visa? Do I need one? Where can I get it?

A visa is a document which is either stamped on your passport or issued in a separate paper by another country to allow you to travel to, enter or transit in such country. Kindly note that there are countries which issue visa to allow them to travel to the country but the final decision to allow the traveller to enter the country lies with the immigration officer. There are some incidents of “airport-to-airport”, where the traveller is required to return immediately to his/her country of origin through the next available flight because of some reasons such as wrong visa or lack of travel documents.

Visas are applied in the Embassies or Consulates of the country where you are going. If it does not have such office, check out which Embassy processes the application on its behalf. In some countries, the application is done through an accredited private entity such as VFS Global Visa Application Centre. In most cases, if you apply for work through a recruitment agency, the agency will process the visa application on your behalf.

The general documents required in the work visa application is the filled-up form (which the Embassy provides), the work contract or confirmation letter from the employer or the certification from the government agency.

If you are a migrant worker, be cautious of accepting a tourist visa for purposes of work even if the recruiter promises to convert the visa later on to a working visa. There might be some visa exemptions for you going to some countries, and this means that you can enter the country for a specific number of days for limited purposes, such as attendance to meetings or conferences or for tourism, but this does not mean that you can work or earn income while there. A tourist visa will not permit you to legally work in another country.
Know the details of your visa such as the number of entries and days allowed, expiration period and category or purpose. This will have impact on your stay in the destination country.

Below is a copy of visa: