Helping you make informed
decisions on migration

Information hub

MRCs are the repositories of information. MRCs work as a one-stop information hub and provide up-to-date information to the prospective or returnee migrants to make their migration journey safe and peaceful. From our Dhaka and Cumilla offices, we provide information and answer all the queries of the walk-in clients.

MRCs also act on different methods to disseminate migration related information to the people. As part of our regular work we:

  • raise awareness among people and conduct community education using effective tools and strategies such as awareness meetings in different upazilas of Bangladesh
  • conduct orientation sessions at the national and union levels as well as at different educational and training institute
  • observe and conduct special events on national holidays and occasion
  • use hotlines, mobile applications and social media platform to maximise outreach
  • engage with radio, print and electronic media to spread migration information
  • develop and circulate IEC materials to deliver migration related messages.


One of the key services of MRCs is counselling and guidance. We provide one-to-one counselling to prospective and departing migrants and returnee migrants who are in stress.

We follow a tailor-made approach while giving counselling; just appropriate to the clients' needs. As a result, our counselling types vary, such as: legal, career, psychological and social counselling.

If you feel stressed and need to talk with someone to overcome this then you are very much welcome to our offices or you can reach us via mobile, FB messenger.

We conduct counselling sessions in a threat free, comfortable and safe environment. We are very strict about confidentiality and our clients privacy. 

We also provide guidance services to the people on various issues. Through our guidance one can get to know about:

  • the process and procedures of successful and safe migration
  • employment opportunities abroad
  • migrants rights and duties in destination countries
  • cultural practices in foreign countries
  • country specific information
  • and many more!

We also screen and evaluate female applicants for their suitability for overseas employment.

Our counselling and guidance service are strictly confidential, private and free of charge. 

Yes, it is absolutely FREE!

Pre-departure Briefing

MRCs conduct pre-departure briefing sessions at different institutes particularly in TTCs. This briefing is very important for the outbound migrants for their own protection.

MRC counsellors conduct this briefing session to help the aspiring migrants to know more about safe migration processes, recruitment procedures, costs of migration, employment and living conditions, laws, rules, regulations, rights , environment, culture, work nature and obligations in countries of destination. This session eventually helps the prospective migrants to adapt to the new circumstances abroad as they are being informed beforehand.

Post-arrival session

What are do’s and don'ts in foreign country? What things should be done and how it should be done overseas? What rules to be followed and what not? These are the must know for any migrants. Post-arrival sessions help the migrant to know about basic information about the destination country.

This information help the migrant to survive in the foreign country and boost up their confidence to lead their life in the foreign land like a native.

MRCs provide country specific IEC materials to the migrants to let them know a little bit more about the destination country.

Tensed about the cost of these materials? Just relax, all the materials that we disseminate are FREE!


MRCs go to different places to make people aware about the safe migration. We arrange orientation sessions for prospective migrants, professionals, students. We introduce people to the different cycles of migration, safe and regular ways to migrate abroad. Our orientation sessions emphasize the benefits of regular migration and aware people on the danger and bad consequences that are involved in irregular migration. These sessions help the participants to know about services that are available to make their migration journey comfortable and peaceful.

We conduct this orientation session at our office premises and as well as at different organizations' locations. We understand the audience's needs and try to mould our orientation in such a way that actually responds to the participants' needs.

Our orientation session is unique, as we do not only rely on verbal presentation but also use multimedia support to deliver our messages. We have developed so many IEC materials that we disseminate in the orientation session to make learning of the participants concrete and long lasting.


MRCs act as referral platform or structure for other needs and services needed by migrants and their families such as:

  • access to government programmes and services
  • compliance with requirements for migrants during the pre-departure, on-site or return and reintegration cycles
  • case management

Migrants have different needs that could be served by different organizations. We try to assess the prospective and returnee migrants’ needs and send them to the appropriate institute to avail the desired services.

Online course

Learning and training are more flexible now! Online course is a new feature from MRC Bangladesh. This makes the learning and training more convenient for the migrants. Migrants will be able to take training from any place and at their convenient time.

Trainees will just require a digital device and internet connection to participate in this course. From this online training module, a prospective migrant can complete the Pre-emigration orientation session, Pre-departure orientation session, and Post-arrival orientation session by his/herself. This module is designed as a self-learning module. After successful completion of the course, learners will receive a completion certificate.

To take these courses, click on this link: