What items are permitted or prohibited in my luggage?

Dangerous goods are articles or substances which can pose a risk to health, safety, property or the environment, thus are prohibited either in your hand carry or check-in baggage. Special regulations are applicable for the transport of these goods. For safety reasons, do not carry dangerous goods, such as those listed below, on you or in your baggage:

  • corrosive material, e.g. acid, wet batteries, mercury (except 1 medical or clinical
    thermometer per person)
  • disabling devices, e.g. mace, pepper sprays or similar containing irritant or
    incapacitating substances
  • explosives, e.g. dynamite, fireworks, pyrotechnic material, ammunition with
    explosive or incendiary projectiles
  • flammable liquids, e.g. windproof lighters, fuel, paint, alcohol > 70 vol %
  • flammable solids, e.g. strike anywhere matches, solid fuel
  • fuel containers filled with gas, e.g. camping stoves, gas lighters with blue flame, liquid oxygen systems (O2)
  • infectious substances, e.g. diagnostic specimens, live virus material
  • oxidizing material, e.g. stain, bleaches
  • radioactive material
  • toxic substances, e.g. pesticides, insecticides
  • miscellaneous dangerous goods or articles, e.g. magnetized material, combustion
    engines, electroshock weapons, pepper spray, security-type attaché cases, e-bikes and other lithium battery powered personal transportation devices, regardless of the watt-hour rating like hoverboard, mini-Segway, air wheel, balance wheel or baggage scooter.

In your hand carry, do not carry items that are:

  • Liquid and more than 100ml; pack liquid items in containers or plastic that are visible or clear
  • Sharp objects such as Swiss knife or ice pick
  • Guns and self-defense items
  • Sports equipment
  • Lighters, matches and other flammable items
  • Meat, fruit, vegetables and other agricultural products

To get more accurate information, check with your airline as they may have specific rules and regulations, depending also on the country of destination. There are also limitations on the amount or quantity of cigarettes, liquor, food items and medicines.